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The Inspiration mailing list

The Drogon Network maintains a majordomo mailing list exclusively for the use of owners of the Ambient Pressure Diving Inspiration rebreather.

Full details of the Inspiration can be found on the APD web site.
Related products can be found on the AP Valves (Buddy) web site.

Rules and regulations

Right now there are no hard and fast rules for the list (other than the requirement to own a unit to subscribe to the list, or otherwise be invited to participate), however, Please bear in-mind the usual rules when posting to mailing lists - Don't quote private email on the list without permission, try not to post MIME attachments or HTML or binary files. If you don't have your own web server and you want your Inspiration pictures online, then get in-touch with me or Martin and we'll see what can be done. (I have a few photos online here.)

The list is administered by staff at Ambient Pressure Diving who have the final say about who gets subscribed to the list.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

It's very important that you send all list requests to and not to the list! Sending an unsubscribe request to won't accomplish anything other than to irritate the current list members!

To unsubscribe, send

    unsubscribe inspiration
in the BODY of a message and send it to

To POST to the list, simply send email to:

Gordon Henderson